We provide an unique way of analysing lives

Understanding your way of living and its patterns is the key to a valuable life and to making changes for better.


Wellbeing Analytics as a Service

Benete wants to provide a unique way of analysing our lives. Our business idea is to deliver Wellbeing Analytics as a Service to detect functional and cognitive disorders. Unlike current health and wellbeing services, we will analyse person's way of living holistically, going beyond the basic measurement of physiological data.
Ambient sensor data is used to create patterns of individual’s daily activities and routines. Through observation and analysis of daily performance, we will detect functional and cognitive disorders long before the diagnoses are traditionally given. As a disruptive innovation, our analyses will change the private and public care processes.


Semi-automated tests

Typically, cognitive function tests are performed after the onset of symptoms. The frequency of testing is very low for continuous monitoring. A large number of tests is available, while only a couple are used.
With the help of Wellbeing Analytics Platform, tests are semi-automated. We can run cognitive screening tests with high time frequency: every day, week, month – creating a data trend. It will increase the accuracy of test results and make cognitive function screening available to more people.

ICF Classification

ICF creates a framework allowing all conditions to be compared using a common metric. Furthermore, ICF examines functioning and performance of people as a dynamic interaction between the individual, the activity and the environment. Daily routines are illustrated through activity typologies. A single activity typology is created by mapping ICF classes to individual forms of life (FoL). Some examples of an FoL could be “sleeping”, “cooking a meal” or “buying groceries”.

Life-based design

The forms of life (FoL) is a basic tool used in the framework of Life-Based Design. Its main idea is to take analysis of human life as the ground concept for designing technology-supported services. The form of life is influenced by environmental factors and person typology, comprising of socio-cultural, biological, psychological attributes. Through understanding the factors that influence the FoL, we can identify if any adverse changes are happening and point out the reasons why they could have happened.


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